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Scratch Remote Sensor API

Pynetsense is a Python library that provides a simple to use API for implementing Scratch networking sensor clients. For communicating with Scratch, the remote sensor protocol is used. Beside providing a simple API to manage messages and variables, a wrapper framework is provided. The wrapper framework helps with implementing sensor clients that run in the […]

Record from Webcam to OGG with GStreamer

Using gstreamers gst-launch, one could easily record the live stream from a webcam directly to an OGG-container using theora-encoding. By splitting the input from the v4l source (through „tee“) into two parallel sub-pipes, it is possible to show the recorded stream on the screen, while saving it to the OGG-file on the other processing path. […]

Propeller-Installer Project of the Week at Parallax

My little installer script for helping setting up a Propeller Tool-chain on Linux/ARM, also mentioned on hackaday last month, was chosen for „project of the week“ from Parallax (the makers of the Propeller).

A Modern Linux System …

.. like Xubuntu is a great thing. It allows you … OK, we already head this before, so I will get to the point: Why are all Linux desktop distributions sucking so much nowadays? Today I had three moments of „what the … happened to Linux?“ within only one our …

A Modern Linux System …

.. like Ubuntu is a great thing. It allows you, and also Joe Average to get a decent desktop Linux up and running within no time! Such a system supports a big bunch of devicesand it includes tons of magic. Really saves you time compared to the configuration marathons in the past days. Do they?

Neo FreeRunner

Well, util today I refused using or buying a smartphone. Mainly because I think they all suck in the one or other way. E.g. they suck because they come with windows phone, or they suck because they come with android and share everything with Google or Apple or … But since my legacy dumb Motorola […]

Restore/Extract clonezilla Images without clonezilla

Today I needed to access the contents of a HD image I made earlier with clonezilla. Since I was only interested in accessing some files within the image (and not in restoring it back to a HD), I was looking for a way to extract the clonezilla image into something I could mount form my […]

HOWTO on using HDMI with the Toshiba AC100

I recently wrote down, how to use xrandr to configure the HDMI output of the Toshiba AC100 netbook with Ubuntu.

HOWTO on Flashing the IFLAT-32 through USART

As described earlier, the IFLAT-32 could be flashed through X-Link/OpenOCD. If only flashing is intended (not debugging on chip), one could achieve this also by using the IFLATs USART.

HOWTO on Flashing the IFLAT-32 with OpenOCD

I just finished a short HOWTO explaining how to flash the IFLAT-32 with X-Link and OpenOCD. The IFLAT-32 is a STM32 development board from iteadstudio. It comes with an STM32F103 ARM Cortex M3 processor, and guess what, Windows support. Since I do not run a copy of Windows, and since I never will, this article […]