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HOWTO on Flashing the STM32 Discovery with OpenOCD

Just added a new mini HOWTO on flashing the STM32 Discovery through X-Link and OpenOCD.

Tutorial on Driving a Servo through PWM

I wrote up my learnings on how to drive a servo in a little tutorial. The tutorial describes how to drive two servos (e.g. for a pan-tilt unit) through a PWM signal on an ARM Conrtex-M3. The example firmware described uses “libopencm3” as a basis. See the video below to get a glue what the […]

HOWTO on Flashing the IFLAT-32 through USART

As described earlier, the IFLAT-32 could be flashed through X-Link/OpenOCD. If only flashing is intended (not debugging on chip), one could achieve this also by using the IFLATs USART.


Found a very nice HOWTO on developing for the STM32 on Ubuntu. The site covers everything from openocd, gcc, gdb up to example sources.

HOWTO on Flashing the IFLAT-32 with OpenOCD

I just finished a short HOWTO explaining how to flash the IFLAT-32 with X-Link and OpenOCD. The IFLAT-32 is a STM32 development board from iteadstudio. It comes with an STM32F103 ARM Cortex M3 processor, and guess what, Windows support. Since I do not run a copy of Windows, and since I never will, this article […]

Flashing STM32 Discovery with Linux

On hackaday there is a post linking to a PDF from the makers of the st-link tool, describing how to flash the STM32 with Linux. Similar thing here 🙂

ARM Cortex M3 Examples

Found a nice page with links to Cortex M3 coding examples over at the page of Martin Thomas. Also found a MCU project database here.

Overview of the STM32 ARM Cotrtex M3

Just found an article at covering the basic hardware design of the STM32 micro controller. Among other things, it covers things like bus clocks and the basic operating principle of the MCU. An other one, covering the STM32 PINs in more detail, could be found at SZ.

STM32 Beginners Guide

On you can find some getting started guides (in german) on the STM32. There is also an article on how to use GDB remote debugging.

Tutorial on Controlling a H-Bridge with the STM32

I just fished a new tutorial on how to control two DC motors through the TB6612FNG dual H-Bridge with the STM32 Discovery board. The tutorial covers the wiring, as well as the software part.