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USART Tutorial for the STM32

In the „electronics“ section I added a new tutorial on how use the USART of the STM32. The tutorial shows in example, how to connect a STM32 Discovery board trough an FTDI to an PC and how data is send and received.

Converting an STM32 Discovery to Versaloon

On takenapart, there is an article which describes how an STM32 Discovery could be converted to versaloon. By doing so, you end up with getting a cheap JTAG debugger which has full Linux support 🙂

Interacting LED Blocks

There are two projects bulding very cool LEDs blocks interaction through IR with each other. Each LED block is equipped with a 8×8 dot matrix and driven by an ARM STM32 processor. They use freeRTOS as an OS. MB LED GLiP