Monthly Archives: November, 2011

HOWTO on using HDMI with the Toshiba AC100

I recently wrote down, how to use xrandr to configure the HDMI output of the Toshiba AC100 netbook with Ubuntu.

OWI Robot Arm Hacks

There are many hacks for controlling the OWI robot arm. Two of the more recent are: Article on how to control the arm through an Arduino. The interesting part here is, that zlite added a poti to each joint for measuring the position. This article uses a Lauchpad to control the arm.

HOWTO on Flashing the STM32 Discovery with OpenOCD

Just added a new mini HOWTO on flashing the STM32 Discovery through X-Link and OpenOCD.

Java Based Stripboard Designer

Stripes is a simple and fast Java based Stripboard Designer appication written by Julian Skidmore.

MSP430 Based Low-Power Clock

Kenneth has a post on his blog show a nice example of how to use an MSP430 as a clock.

Tutorial on Driving a Servo through PWM

I wrote up my learnings on how to drive a servo in a little tutorial. The tutorial describes how to drive two servos (e.g. for a pan-tilt unit) through a PWM signal on an ARM Conrtex-M3. The example firmware described uses “libopencm3” as a basis. See the video below to get a glue what the […]

HOWTO on Flashing the IFLAT-32 through USART

As described earlier, the IFLAT-32 could be flashed through X-Link/OpenOCD. If only flashing is intended (not debugging on chip), one could achieve this also by using the IFLATs USART.

Tiny printf() for Embedded

Over at 43oh they have code for a tiny printf() function (for MSP430, but easily to port to other MCUs).

The MSP430 Pirate Boat Lantern

Every year, our children at the kinder garden have the „laternen laufen“ event where they go out when it starts to get dark, equipped with lanterns. And every year my wife and I ask our selfs the same question: „what lantern to give to the kids?“ (the parents are supposed to handcraft the lantern anyway). […]

Awesome Lego Mindstorm Robots

Hans Andersson build some great robots using Lego Mindstorms!