Monthly Archives: Januar, 2012

ASCII-Art Fonts

Found a great page where one could type some text, which then is printed out as ASCII art using a font you select. For example see the ASCII art version of „gpio“ below. Very hand to create „/etc/issue“ files on for Linux. Some of the fonts you will find also in the FIGlet project (where […]

HOWTO on Flashing the STM32 with Flyswatter JTAG

Since my X-Link lately stopped working for no reason, I bough the flyswatter JTAG from tincantools. The flyswatter is known to work very well with Linux, and to be supported from OpenOCD. The only thing is, the flyswatter comes with an 14 pin JTAG, whereas the X-Link came with a 7 pin mini JTAG. Since […]

MicroSD Card Performance

There is an interesting benchmark of different MicroSD cards done by Sakoman. They compare different classes of cards from different vendors.

Pointers in C

Found a nice tutorial on using pointers in C over at

PROJECT: LEGO controlled RC car

During Christmas holidays my son and I converted an old RC car to be controlled through LEGO power functions. For more pictures and information see the project page.

Restore/Extract clonezilla Images without clonezilla

Today I needed to access the contents of a HD image I made earlier with clonezilla. Since I was only interested in accessing some files within the image (and not in restoring it back to a HD), I was looking for a way to extract the clonezilla image into something I could mount form my […]