Monthly Archives: Februar, 2012

libserial Usage Documentation

Next „libemb“ component got its usage documentation: „libserial“. The article describes sending receiving with „libserial“, as well as how to use the ring buffer provided with the library. Go to „libserial“ usage documentation „libserial“ is part of „libemb“

libnrf24l01 Usage Documentation

I updated the „libnrf24l01“ usage documentation. The articles describes the steps needed with „libnrf24l01“ to use the Nordic nRF24l01+ module in its modes „Shock Burst“, „Enhanced Shock Burst“ and „Enhanced Shock Burst with ACK Payload“. Go to „libnrf24l01“ usage documentation „libnrf24l01“ is part of „libemb“

HOWTO: MSP430G2231 Software UART

Update: I made a second example based on the one TI has in it’s examples. It is based on Timer_A for RX and TX. You can find that example in the „timer-a-uart“ branch. This example shows how to use software UART on the TI Launchpad with a MSP430G2231 MCU (which does NOT have a hardware […]

First Version of YWasp

YWasp is a firmware for „airifaying“ a serial line over an Nordic nRF24l01+ module connected to a ARM-Cortex-M3 based STM32 micro controller. YWasp currently only supports point-to-point connections. A client and a server YWasp instance could be coupled, and everythin that is written to the serial line of one YWasp is transmitted to the YWasp […]

MSP430 Based RF Spectrum Analyzer

An other interesting MSP430 based project is this simple RF spectrum analyser using the Hope RFM12B module (which you can get really cheap).

MSP430 Based Voltmeter

Over at circuitvalley there is a nice little project for an MSP430 based voltmeter. It uses the MSP430G2231 and three multiplexed 7-segement displays. By using a resistor network on one of the MSPs ADCs voltages up to 30V are measured pretty accurate.

First Version of „libemb“

I uploaded a first version of „libemb„. „libemb“ is a collection of libraries which try to make things needed in many STM32 (ARM-Cortex-M3) based projects more convinient. It includes helbers for console output, USART usage, as well es drivers for specific hardware. Currently „libemb“ contains the following helper libraries: libserial: help on using the USART […]


I started adding some of my sources to github. First tester are my PWM tutorials sources. Maybe this makes them more accessible then the TGZ I added in the past to the various articles. Also it is way more fun to work with git then with SVN :-). More to come soon.