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HOWTO: MSP430G2xxx Stand Alone

I wrote up a little HOWTO which shows how to drive a MSP430G2xx MCU standalone (without Launchpad). It also shows, how to use a Launchpad for in circuit programming through only three lines (Spy By Wire). In the HOWTO, we first will have a look on the most minimal set-up needed, to run a MSP430 […]

Bus Pirate Based ZigBee Sniffer

Over at Universite de Mons, they have an interesting firmware modification for the BusPirate: it allows to sniff Zigbee (or any other 802.15.4 based) traffic. From their webpage: The Bus Pirate 802.15.4 Sniffer is a replacement firmware for the Bus Pirate that allows to capture IEEE 802.15.4 (~ ZigBee) traffic, using Microchip’s MRF24J40 transceiver. The […]

TI Launchpad YWasp Shield

Tonight I decided to end the breadboard mess for the MSP430 YWasp by soldering a little nRF24l01+ shield for the Launchpad together. The nRF24l01+ with its external antenna  looks somehow impressive on the Launchpad :-). The Launchpad with the MSP430G2553 is communicating happly with the STM32VL Discovery based YWasp prototype. The nice thing about the […]

MSP430 Port of YWasp

A first version of the MSP430 YWasp (YWasp is a firmware for STM32 ARM-Cortex-M3 and TI MSP430 microcontrollers for „arifaying“ a serial line over an Nordic nRF24l01+ module) port is available on github. I successfully made a STM32VL based YWasp talk to TI Launchpad based YWasp running on a MSP430G2553. The MSP430 YWasp still is […]

MSP430 Port of „libemb“

All modules („libnrf24l01„, „libserial„, „libconio“ and „libshell„) of „libemb“ are fully ported to the MSP430G2553 MCU! Also all tests  are working (tested on a Launchpad with an MSP430G2553). The „msp430-port“ branch is now deprecated since I merged it back completely to „master„. Thus, STM32 version and MCU version share the same code base. Compiling for […]

Li-ion Camera / Cell Phone Battery Charge Adapter

If you have some Li-ion/Li-po cells from a cell phone or a camera laying around, but for some reason don’t have the fitting charging adapter (since they all have three pins, but in a different distance), you easily could build an adapter to charge the batteries through any charger supporting lithium batteries (never ever charge […]

A Modern Linux System …

.. like Ubuntu is a great thing. It allows you, and also Joe Average to get a decent desktop Linux up and running within no time! Such a system supports a big bunch of devicesand it includes tons of magic. Really saves you time compared to the configuration marathons in the past days. Do they?

HOWTO: MSP430G2553 SPI to nRF24l01+

Got an other one working this night: an example which shows the MSP430G2553 talk to a Nordic nRF24l01+ module through SPI (on USCI_B). The example just reads out the config register from the nRF and prints it on the serial line. But it includes so far everything needed to communicate with the nRF. And well, […]

HOWTO: MSP430G2553 Hardware UART

I made a small example showing how to use hardware UART through USCI_A on the TI Launchpad with a MSP430G2553 MCU. Receiving is done through interrupts. Got to the HOWTO page Get the code at github Note: If you have an MSP430 MCU which does not support hardware UART (e.g. the MSP430G2231), have a look […]

RC Blimp

Lately my son and I got some how mad about the idea of building our own remote controlled blimp. The basic requirements we had in mind were: a helium filled balloon must lift the blimp up in the air, and it must be remote controllable in its direction and altitude… Well visit the blimps project […]