Monthly Archives: März, 2012

Neo FreeRunner

Well, util today I refused using or buying a smartphone. Mainly because I think they all suck in the one or other way. E.g. they suck because they come with windows phone, or they suck because they come with android and share everything with Google or Apple or … But since my legacy dumb Motorola […]

Embedded World 2012 Nürnberg

Well may day started early tody, since I was about to visit Embedded World 2012 in Nürnberg. I choose to take the train from Stuttgart to Nürnberg, which was, well, yah, at least an interesting experience. The train was a so called regional train, which means basically, the Deutsche Bahn uses the oldest wagons for […]

libshell Usage Documentation

And the last „libemb“ usage documentation pending: „libshell“. This article describes using „libshell“. Go to „libshell“ usage documentation „libshell“ is part of „libemb“

libconio Usage Documentation

Add the usage documentation for „libconio“ an other „libemb“ component. The article describes using „libconio“ for basic console IO through „libserial“. Go to „libconio“ usage documentation „libconio“ is part of „libemb“