Monthly Archives: September, 2012

pyscmpd Running on the Pi

Gave „pyscmp“ a first try on the Pi, works so far (some minor issues regarding dbus and jack-audio).

pyscmpd Making Some Progress

It seems to get usable (somehow). „pyscmpd“ is now able to do basic play-list handling and playing. Both, „ncmpcpp“ and „sonata“ are able to browse the tracks of a predefined set of soundcloud users, add the tracks to a play-list and play them. Also the elapsed song time is transmitted to the clients, as well […]

pyscmpd started

Since I do have so many projects running currently I decided it would not hurt to start an other one. It is a Python based soundcloud music server talking the MPD protocol. Thus, pyscmpd allows (not yet, but maybe in future), to serve music from soundcloud to any MPD client out there. Currently I am […]

Using Propeller Tool-Chain Installer on RasPi

I just received a bunch of Raspberry Pis and though I give the propeller tool-chain installer script I wrote earlier about a try. Here is what a did on a fresh Raspbian “wheezy” to get it work. 1) Install needed dependencies sudo apt-get install git subversion mercurial texinfo flex libncurses5-dev python-serial 2) Get the Script […]

Propeller-Installer on

My article about the installer script for a Propeller Toolchain on Linux/ARM made it to

Installing a Propeller Tool-Chain for C and SPIN

Lately I started playing around with the Parallax Propeller Quick Start Board. Since I found it a little hard to puzzle together a Linux tool-chain supporting C/C++ and SPIN development for Propeller on Intel based as well as on ARM based machines, I wrote a little installer script which helps in setting up a tool-chain […]