Monthly Archives: Mai, 2013

Cracking a Sansa Shaker Open

Here are some pictures showing how to crack a Sansa Shaker MP3 player open. The main „trick“ is to remove the two rings (which one uses to control volume or skip tracks). After the rings are removed, the cover could be taken into two half’s by removing the small screws which are hidden under the rings.  

MSP430 I2C Slave Example

Since none of the examples I found worked for me, I put together my own example which shows how to use the MSP430G2553 as an I2C slave. The MSP430 takes some simple commands. One for switching the build in LED (P1.0) on/off, one for reading the state of the build in button (P1.3). Also a […]

Measuring the Water-Level of a Cistern

To measure the water level of our cistern, I started to build a little cistern monitor based on a hacked TP-Link MR3020 router running OpenWrt and a SRF05 ultra sonic range finder. The software project mainly consists of a kernel module and a web service to access the data through a simple web-ui or by […]