Monthly Archives: Januar, 2014

A Tin Can Robot – R2KT on it’s Way

A Tin Can Robot – Driving

The tin can based R2D2 robot driving around, remote controlled through tablet using Bluetooth: The sound in the video is pretty poor. But what you here so far is a typical R2D2 beep-beep on start-up (or when you request it by remote command), an other beep when a new command was received, some sad „ohhhh“ […]


Today I think I 3D printed my first real useful thing. This „thing“ sits on the bottom border of our windows and helps keeping them pack (against cold air). Unfortunately I don’t know the name of this thing, so I decided to call it the „window thing“. One of our windows was missing the „window […]

A Tin Can Robot – Final Assembly

All parts are printed! Now everything is ready for a first assembly. But first the electronic components need some wiring: The full BOM for the electronics looks like so: 1 x Parallax Propeller QuickStart Board 2 x gear motor 2 x wheels for gear motor 1 x Pololu 3.3V Step-Up/Down regulator to supply the Propeller […]

A Tin Can Robot – The Inlay

Finally the inlay which will hold the batteries and the Parallax Propeller.                  

A Tin Can Robot – The Dome

And here comes the dome with its top cover. Unfortunately the hole for the Maxbotix ultrasonic sensor is too small (for some reason I used a wrong number for the radius).

A Tin Can Robot – Legs

Also the first leg is already printed (the second one is printing right now). And phew, the motors fit perfectly :-).

A Tin Can Robot – Bottom Base

And the bottom base 3D print:

A Tin Can Robot – Front Wheel

I 3D printed the first parts for the ronot – the front wheel and it’s left and right arm.

A Tin Can Robot – Change of Plans

I decided to slightly change plans for the tin can robot. Since I bought a 3D printer lately, it now totally makes sense to print out all the additional parts around the can (instead of poorly handcraft them from whatever). Thus, I started designing all stuff I like to print within OpenSCAD. Below you could […]