A Modern Linux System …

.. like Ubuntu is a great thing. It allows you, and also Joe Average to get a decent desktop Linux up and running within no time! Such a system supports a big bunch of devicesand it includes tons of magic. Really saves you time compared to the configuration marathons in the past days. Do they?

I slightly get the feeling that they start overdoing things a little. In the near future, a point will be reached, where it takes me as much time to disable all the crap I DON’T need and DON’T want, as it took me configuring the system to exactly what I want it to be in the old days. Just to give one example: I have some Launchpads from TI. They come with a USB to serial converter. If I plug one of the Launchpads into my Ubuntu box, the whole thing starts getting busy trying to do something useful with the device, or at least SOMETHING. Well in the case of the Launchpad, which is instantiated as „/dev/ttyACM0“, some „modem-manager“ thinks „Hey a new modem! Lets drop some AT commands on it and probe what it is able to do!“. WTF! This manager (like most mangers) now is making a lot of noise about nothing, blocking „/dev/ttyACM0“ for a loooong time.

To fix this, I have to deinstall (or reconfigure) the modem-manager (which I never asked to be active or installed). And this is just ONE example of many (an other one is that ridiculous desktop environment unity, takes also some time to get rid of this). Well Ubuntu, give me one more, and I will give Arch Linux a try. A what the heck … I will give Arch a try anyway, as soon as I find some time 🙂

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  1. Dirk's Gravatar Dirk
    29. März 2012 at 21:03 | Permalink

    🙂 Yeah… same problem (rarely) here, but I think the debian based distributions (like ubuntu) do the best job, because I was never able to do a „dist-upgrade“ over years with another package system than deb (my ubuntu initial installation is from 2006 and I never did a complete reinstall) – so configuring the stuff once and hoping, that it is preserved over several upgrades (or install only security upgrades :-/)

    However, I am very interested, how arch linux would perform over a longer time. Did you find some time to install it? 🙂


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