Finally: E-Big Jake

Today was the day where we decided, that E-Big Jake was ready for a ride. We checked the tractor with a throttle of 1/3 of what is possible. This resulted in  a child friendly 5km/h speed. We also gave a throttle at 2/3 a try, and we got a speed of about 15 km/h. I assume, that no throttle will result in about 25 or km/h, but since I do not trust the plastic of the Big Jake enough, I didn’t try that. For getting speed and distance information, I added a bicycle speed-meter which measures the turns of the back gear.  So, all in all the tractor is a success, since my both children love it already :-). They made a distance of about 4.7 km (up- and down-hill), and the batteries didn’t seam to care much about that so far.

For the complete build log, follow this link.

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    Looks cool! Which engine did you use?

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