ROCKETuC Introduction

I just made two short videos introducing the main features of the ROCKETuC project I work on with Alexander Reben. The first one gives a basic introduction to ROCKETuC and what you can do with it, the second one shows how external interrupts could be used with ROCKETuC and Processing. Basically I made them to promote ROCKETuC on the 43oh forums, trying to get some community support.

ROCKETuC is made up from two parts: a firmware that runs on a micro-controller and client-library you run on a PC. Communication is done through the serial line by using a binary protocol. Currently the TI Launchpad with an MSP430G2553 installed is the only supported hardware. Client bindings are available for Java and Processing.

For more details see the sources and documentation provided on github.

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