Carambot First Autonomous Drive

This shows the carambot driving around autonomously by using the ultrasonic range finder together with the pan servo. The algorithm used is pretty simple (see Python snipped after break).

# minimum distanced until robot searches new direction ...
minr = 150


	print "uSherpa and Carambot rocking the wheels!"

	rob 	= Robot("/dev/ttyS0")
	panrf   = rob.panrf			# the range finder on the pan server
	rf  	= panrf.rf 			# only the range finder
	vehicle = rob.vehicle 			# the vehicle

	# stupid navigation loop
		while True:

			# (1) move foreward until obstacle was detected
			while rf.currentRange() > minr:

			# (2) scan area at 0, 45, 90, 135, 180 deg., see which has most space
			a = panrf.scanArea()
			maxr = 0		# max. range found
			maxp = 90		# postion where found this (in deg.)
			# search scan result for pos. with max. space
			for v in a:
				for p in v:
					if v[p] > maxr:
						maxr = v[p]
						maxp = p
			print "Most promising direction is", maxr, maxp 
			# 90 deg. is center, above 90 deg. meens found max. space on left
			if maxp > 90:
				print "-> left is better"

				# calulating time it take approx. to reach max. pos
				time.sleep(0.01 * ( maxp - 90.0))
			# and < 90 means found max. space on right
				print "-> right is better"

				# calulating time it take approx. to reach max. pos
				time.sleep(0.01 * maxp)

			# no go forward, start again at (1)

	except KeyboardInterrupt:

except Exception as e:
	print traceback.format_exc()
	if not rob == None:

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