Installing a Propeller Tool-Chain for C and SPIN

Lately I started playing around with the Parallax Propeller Quick Start Board. Since I found it a little hard to puzzle together a Linux tool-chain supporting C/C++ and SPIN development for Propeller on Intel based as well as on ARM based machines, I wrote a little installer script which helps in setting up a tool-chain including the following:

Propeller QuickStart Board

Propeller QuickStart Board

To get the GCC port for the Propeller fully working on ARM, I needed to add a little hack. The loader uses some SPIN code which is compiled with the BST compiler, which again is only available as Intel binary. To overcome this, the script will copy the SPIN binaries I compiled earlier on my Intel machine to the build directory right after the GCC sources where HG cloned. Thus, the binaries get a newer date then the sources and make will think it has already done the build. By using this trick, GCC + propeller-loader could be build on a ARM machine.

For more information on how to use the installer script see this article. I tested the script this far only on Íntel/Ubuntu 12.04 and ARMv7/Ubuntu 11.10.

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