Using Propeller Tool-Chain Installer on RasPi

I just received a bunch of Raspberry Pis and though I give the propeller tool-chain installer script I wrote earlier about a try. Here is what a did on a fresh Raspbian “wheezy” to get it work.

1) Install needed dependencies

sudo apt-get install git subversion mercurial texinfo flex libncurses5-dev python-serial

2) Get the Script

cd $HOME
mkdir src
cd src
git clone
cd install-propeller-toolchain

3) Edit

Open „“ in your favorite editor and change to following:


4) Install

sudo su

5) Wait a looooong time ..

Really, it took so much more time than on the Tegra 2 … but finally find the complete tool-chain under /opt/parallax.

Note: you could watch progress by tailing install.log.

For the impatient, I made a ready to use binary archive you can download here. On the Raspberry Pi install it to /opt/parallax like so:

sudo tar -jxvf propeller-toolchain-gcc-spin-armv6_20120909.tar.bz2 -C /

The examples from the source-dist is also available under /opt/parallax/examples.

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