Carambola SoC Stand Alone

I just was playing around a little running the Carambola SoC stand alone (without dev-board). The picture blow shows what needs to be connected to boot the Carambola, access it through serial line (by using a TTL USB to serial converter), and optionally connect USB (I used a web cam):

Carambola Stand Alone (with USB)

Carambola Stand Alone (with USB)

Some notes about power consumption:

  • You need to supply at least 300mA, otherwise the Carambola is starving.

Some notes about the USB connection:

  • For using USB, 5V has to be provided to pin 21 (when not using USB, there is no need to provide 5V).
  • UPHY (pin 40) needs to be grounded to tell the USB controller to run in master mode.
  • No ESD protection when connecting as described! Thus, I recommend not to hot-plug devices when using this unprotected approach!

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  1. Rudi's Gravatar Rudi
    10. Januar 2013 at 09:51 | Permalink

    Hi Stefan,
    thanks for sharing this, i want to try this out.
    But what converter i need?
    I found a cable and adapter
    Which is the right on to get it started or which on have you used?
    Best wishes

  2. Rudi's Gravatar Rudi
    10. Januar 2013 at 16:08 | Permalink

    Thanks for suggestion.
    I don not deal with this yet. But WLAN/USB-options and the mpeg-streamer need to adjust before starting, i think.
    Are the installations run above the serial?
    I also want to stream a webcam with the carambola. Whats the better way to supply the board?

  3. Rudi's Gravatar Rudi
    13. Januar 2013 at 18:48 | Permalink

    Thanks Stefan. I think I got all information to get the board started.
    I orderd the set(carambola, dev-board) and only need a Lipo and the Pololu step-down converter. But one last question still I have.
    Normally my cam is running at a 3.7V Lipo and load at USB. Today I checked, that it could be running without the battery at 3.3V
    To economize one of the expensive Pololu, I want to run the cam directly through converter (like the carambola).

    Is it possible to run the USB without 5V power(only datalines)?
    I think so, but need certainty, because I am absolutly loan. Try and error is no oppertunity. Wont crash something.
    Thank you again for aid!!!

  4. Rudi's Gravatar Rudi
    13. Januar 2013 at 19:10 | Permalink

    Sorry, but one thing I forgot to ask. I googled but nothing found about that. Did you know the max input current? Because the max of the Pololu is 600mA and i dont know yet how much the cam have. I need to measure it next days.

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