Record from Webcam to OGG with GStreamer

Using gstreamers gst-launch, one could easily record the live stream from a webcam directly to an OGG-container using theora-encoding. By splitting the input from the v4l source (through „tee“) into two parallel sub-pipes, it is possible to show the recorded stream on the screen, while saving it to the OGG-file on the other processing path.

For more details see the following shell-script:

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  1. 3. Februar 2013 at 01:21 | Permalink

    I’m going to try and use this (and gstreamer) with my RaspberryPi for my local youth projects „wildlife camera project“ and am very excited to prototype the whole thing.

    I suppose I’ve two questions,

    1: Will this work with any IP camera?
    2: What libraries will this need to get it functioning?

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