Today I think I 3D printed my first real useful thing. This „thing“ sits on the bottom border of our windows and helps keeping them pack (against cold air). Unfortunately I don’t know the name of this thing, so I decided to call it the „window thing“. One of our windows was missing the „window thing“, so I decided to rip off one from an other window an copy it with a caliper and OpenScad. It worked pretty well so far (I need to print an other one in white, but pink fillament was already loaded, and I was to lazy for change) …

Copy (pink) and original (white)

Copy (pink) and original (white)

Copy (pink) and original (white)

Copy (pink) and original (white)

This is where "window thing" goes to

This is where „window thing“ goes to

"Window thing" attached to window

„Window thing“ attached to window

With windows closed ...

With windows closed …

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