A Tin Can Robot – Basic Schematic

Documentation day today :-). I got also around drawing a basic schematic (using Fritzing) for the tin can robots electronics.

Some notes on the schematic:

  • I don’t use the Propeller „directly“ but use the Propeller QuickStart board. The schematic below is soldered on perf-board and then attached as a shield to the QuickStart.
  • Fritzing offered a XBee schematic which I used for the BTBee. This is OK since they are PIN compatible.
  • If you connect the speaker like in the schematic, you will get noisy ugly sound.
  • If you don’t use blue LEDs which are OK with 3.3V, you will need resistors too.
Tin Can R2D2 Schematic

Tin Can R2D2 Schematic

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