Propeller Tool-Chain Installer (GCC, SPIN, BST, ..) Updated

I updated my installer-script for the Parallax Propeller tool-chain (GCC, SPIN, BST and others) to make it work (agin) on Ubuntu 14.04. Main issue was that the current „makeinfo“ seems not to be happy with some of the „.texi“ files from „binutils“ used by the Propeller GCC. Thus, I added a patch to the script to solve this problem. Also the open-source-spin compiler needed a small patch since it now uses „stricmp“ which is not POSIX and thus not known …

Finally I dropped support for the „loader“ hack which allowed compilation of the „propgcc“ on non Intel platforms. This is not any more such an issue since cross-compiling of „propgcc“ is now supported (see „propgcc“ README).

NOTE: if you are on a 64bit platform an you are going to install BST Tools, you need to make sure to install the required i386 libraries since BST binaries are 32bit only. On Ubuntu 14.04 the following should do the trick:

sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-0:i386

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