First Version of „libemb“

I uploaded a first version of „libemb„. „libemb“ is a collection of libraries which try to make things needed in many STM32 (ARM-Cortex-M3) based projects more convinient. It includes helbers for console output, USART usage, as well es drivers for specific hardware.

Currently „libemb“ contains the following helper libraries:

  • libserial: help on using the USART as UART for serial communications
  • libconio: helper methods for printing strings, numbers etc. Also includes a tiny „printf“ version
  • libshell: helper methods for building interactive (remote-) shells

And its by most advanced part is a driver library for the Nordic nRF24l01+ modules:

  • libnrf24l01: initialization of the SPI bus to communicate with the module, helper functions to configure the nRF24l01 into one of its modes (SB, ESB or ESB with payload), helper functions to read/modify the conf-registers of the module, …

For more details see the project page.

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