my name is Stefan Wendler. I work as software developer (my degree is Master of Computer Science) for a international German company in the field of TV-Tuners for automotive.

Currently I work a lot with ARM Cortex A based systems, tailoring Linux kernels and boot loaders for this systems, as well as implementing the OS build process (OpenEmbedded, Buildroot etc.) for those machines. Although I write a lot of code close to the hardware, I am not an hardware developer. Playing around with electronics and hardware is only my hobby so far :-).

The reason why I put up this page is, that I learned a lot of stuff about electronics and programming from the Internet, and I like to give back and share some of my experiences while trying to get deeper into all kinds of stuff.

I hope you find this pages helpful, but the instructions and examples posted there come WITH ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY!

A well, and one last important point: I almost exclusively use Linux (at work and at home). So everything described on this pages in wolfing the usage of a computer is based on Linux! Questions are very welcome, but I will not (because I can not) answer questions like „does this work on Windows too?“, „how do I this and that you described for Linux on my Windows box?“ …

Thank you for visiting my pages,

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