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LTs Switching Regulator Circuit Collection

As noted on dangerousprototypes.com, Linear Technology provides a nice application note containing a circuit collection for almost all power supply needs: Battery, Boost, Buck, Buck-Boost, Flyback, Forward, High Voltage, Multioutput, Off Line, Preregulator, Switched Capacitor and Telecom. Download the application notes as PDF from LT

Multiple Time Bases on a Single MSP430 Timer Module

On dangerousprototypes.com, they refer to an other interesting TI app-note which describes how to use multiple time bases on a single MSP430 module: However, in some applications, multiple time bases are needed to generate multiple output frequencies. Normally this is done using multiple timer modules, but this might require upgrading to a part with many […]

Interfacing the 3-V MSP430 to 5-V Circuits

On Dangerous Prototypes, they point to an app-note from TI which shows various ways of level-shifting between a 3V MCU (like the MSP430) and 5V peripherals. The paper includes various examples for input, output and bi-directional level-shifting. They also cover the topic power-supply, giving examples on how to provide both: 3V and 5V to your […]

Using the nRF24L01 radio in ShockBurst mode

As noted on DP, Nordic Semiconductor provides an AppNote describing by (code-) example the usage of the ShockBurst mode build into their nRF24L01 radios.