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Case for STM32F4-Discovery Board

I finished a case for the STM32F4-Discovery board. It consists of two parts: the case body and the case cover. The cover is hold in place by two snap-ins. The cover has spaces for all the header, jumpers and buttons. Also I made the cover very thin at the places where the LEDs of the board […]

Propeller-Installer Project of the Week at Parallax

My little installer script for helping setting up a Propeller Tool-chain on Linux/ARM, also mentioned on hackaday last month, was chosen for „project of the week“ from Parallax (the makers of the Propeller).

Using Propeller Tool-Chain Installer on RasPi

I just received a bunch of Raspberry Pis and though I give the propeller tool-chain installer script I wrote earlier about a try. Here is what a did on a fresh Raspbian “wheezy” to get it work. 1) Install needed dependencies sudo apt-get install git subversion mercurial texinfo flex libncurses5-dev python-serial 2) Get the Script […]

Propeller-Installer on hackaday.com

My article about the installer script for a Propeller Toolchain on Linux/ARM made it to hackaday.com.

„Bad“ Expansion Header Pins on the Beaglebone

While making my first „cap“ for the Beaglebone (working on a YWasp cap), I learned the hard way that not all pins on the expansion header of the bone are „good“ pins. After putting the cap (which I worked stand alone fine) on the bone, it refused to boot! When taking the MSP430G2553 out of […]

Neo FreeRunner

Well, util today I refused using or buying a smartphone. Mainly because I think they all suck in the one or other way. E.g. they suck because they come with windows phone, or they suck because they come with android and share everything with Google or Apple or … But since my legacy dumb Motorola […]

First Version of YWasp

YWasp is a firmware for „airifaying“ a serial line over an Nordic nRF24l01+ module connected to a ARM-Cortex-M3 based STM32 micro controller. YWasp currently only supports point-to-point connections. A client and a server YWasp instance could be coupled, and everythin that is written to the serial line of one YWasp is transmitted to the YWasp […]

PROJECT: rob01

I finally got around to post the description of my first robot project – called rob01. The primary goal of the project was to learn more on micro controllers and electronics by building a small robot which is able to drive autonomous as well as remote controlled by a human. The robot is based on […]

OWI Robot Arm Hacks

There are many hacks for controlling the OWI robot arm. Two of the more recent are: Article on how to control the arm through an Arduino. The interesting part here is, that zlite added a poti to each joint for measuring the position. This article uses a Lauchpad to control the arm.

Tutorial on Driving a Servo through PWM

I wrote up my learnings on how to drive a servo in a little tutorial. The tutorial describes how to drive two servos (e.g. for a pan-tilt unit) through a PWM signal on an ARM Conrtex-M3. The example firmware described uses “libopencm3” as a basis. See the video below to get a glue what the […]