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The Glowing eBunny – Happy Easter

This is just a quick little Easter hack. My wife brought in two cute little glass Easter bunnies lately, and they really demanded for a mod. Well then. The bunnies got a blue LED implanted each, the LEDs where connected to a MSP430G2231 MCU, and the MCU is driven by a small firmware which pulses […]

Li-ion Camera / Cell Phone Battery Charge Adapter

If you have some Li-ion/Li-po cells from a cell phone or a camera laying around, but for some reason don’t have the fitting charging adapter (since they all have three pins, but in a different distance), you easily could build an adapter to charge the batteries through any charger supporting lithium batteries (never ever charge […]

PROJECT: LEGO controlled RC car

During Christmas holidays my son and I converted an old RC car to be controlled through LEGO power functions. For more pictures and information see the project page.

Converting an STM32 Discovery to Versaloon

On takenapart, there is an article which describes how an STM32 Discovery could be converted to versaloon. By doing so, you end up with getting a cheap JTAG debugger which has full Linux support 🙂

Interacting LED Blocks

There are two projects bulding very cool LEDs blocks interaction through IR with each other. Each LED block is equipped with a 8×8 dot matrix and driven by an ARM STM32 processor. They use freeRTOS as an OS. MB LED GLiP