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HOWTO: MSP430G2xxx Stand Alone

I wrote up a little HOWTO which shows how to drive a MSP430G2xx MCU standalone (without Launchpad). It also shows, how to use a Launchpad for in circuit programming through only three lines (Spy By Wire). In the HOWTO, we first will have a look on the most minimal set-up needed, to run a MSP430 […]

HOWTO: MSP430G2553 SPI to nRF24l01+

Got an other one working this night: an example which shows the MSP430G2553 talk to a Nordic nRF24l01+ module through SPI (on USCI_B). The example just reads out the config register from the nRF and prints it on the serial line. But it includes so far everything needed to communicate with the nRF. And well, […]

libnrf24l01 Usage Documentation

I updated the „libnrf24l01“ usage documentation. The articles describes the steps needed with „libnrf24l01“ to use the Nordic nRF24l01+ module in its modes „Shock Burst“, „Enhanced Shock Burst“ and „Enhanced Shock Burst with ACK Payload“. Go to „libnrf24l01“ usage documentation „libnrf24l01“ is part of „libemb“

HOWTO on Flashing the STM32 Discovery with OpenOCD

Just added a new mini HOWTO on flashing the STM32 Discovery through X-Link and OpenOCD.

HOWTO on Flashing the IFLAT-32 through USART

As described earlier, the IFLAT-32 could be flashed through X-Link/OpenOCD. If only flashing is intended (not debugging on chip), one could achieve this also by using the IFLATs USART.

HOWTO on Flashing the IFLAT-32 with OpenOCD

I just finished a short HOWTO explaining how to flash the IFLAT-32 with X-Link and OpenOCD. The IFLAT-32 is a STM32 development board from iteadstudio. It comes with an STM32F103 ARM Cortex M3 processor, and guess what, Windows support. Since I do not run a copy of Windows, and since I never will, this article […]