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Carambola on Wheels

I lately took my Carambola an put it on a DFRobot 4WD mobile platform. Then, I connected a Logitech C270 HD web-cam which connects to the Carambolas USB port. By configuring „mjpeg_streamer“ like described in the Carambola Wiki, streaming live video over the Carambolas WiFi then is just a peace of cake :-). For operating […]

Hallo Carambola

Today I got my Carambola boards (thank you Matze). The Carambola is a MIPS based SoC from 8devices. It uses the Ralink RT3050 which includes a high performance 320MHz MIPS24KEc CPU core, 8 MB Flash and 32 MB RAM. The device also provides two Ethernet ports and w a 802.11bgn radio. And best of it all: it is […]

The Glowing eBunny – Happy Easter

This is just a quick little Easter hack. My wife brought in two cute little glass Easter bunnies lately, and they really demanded for a mod. Well then. The bunnies got a blue LED implanted each, the LEDs where connected to a MSP430G2231 MCU, and the MCU is driven by a small firmware which pulses […]

The MSP430 Pirate Boat Lantern

Every year, our children at the kinder garden have the „laternen laufen“ event where they go out when it starts to get dark, equipped with lanterns. And every year my wife and I ask our selfs the same question: „what lantern to give to the kids?“ (the parents are supposed to handcraft the lantern anyway). […]

Addressable LED Strip

The HL1606 is a addressable RGB LED strip, available with a length of 5m. It has 40 SMD LEDs per meter. Here some links regarding this LED strip: Some posts on ledstyles.de An Arduino library for the HL1606 on google-code Addressable LED Grid at techspeak The LED strip is available e.g. on ebay