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CadSoft Eagle Tutorial Videos

Jeremy Blum is about to post a series of CadSoft Eagle Tutorial Videos. I think they are very well done and easy to follow. Thus, if you are about to learn Eagle, they might come in handy.

Multiple Time Bases on a Single MSP430 Timer Module

On dangerousprototypes.com, they refer to an other interesting TI app-note which describes how to use multiple time bases on a single MSP430 module: However, in some applications, multiple time bases are needed to generate multiple output frequencies. Normally this is done using multiple timer modules, but this might require upgrading to a part with many […]

Simple RS232 to TTL Level Converter

This webpage describes how to build a simple RS232C level converter using transistors.

Interfacing the 3-V MSP430 to 5-V Circuits

On Dangerous Prototypes, they point to an app-note from TI which shows various ways of level-shifting between a 3V MCU (like the MSP430) and 5V peripherals. The paper includes various examples for input, output and bi-directional level-shifting. They also cover the topic power-supply, giving examples on how to provide both: 3V and 5V to your […]

Robot with MSP430 Launchpad as Brains

Longhorn engineer has has a nice and clean robot build with an MSP430 Lauchpad as Brains on his web-page. I like especially the design of the power supply: It has 3 switching power supplies providing 3V at 4A, 3.3V at 500mA, and 5V at 1A. The main power source is a single cell 3.7V lithium […]

MSP430 Based RF Spectrum Analyzer

An other interesting MSP430 based project is this simple RF spectrum analyser using the Hope RFM12B module (which you can get really cheap).

MSP430 Based Voltmeter

Over at circuitvalley there is a nice little project for an MSP430 based voltmeter. It uses the MSP430G2231 and three multiplexed 7-segement displays. By using a resistor network on one of the MSPs ADCs voltages up to 30V are measured pretty accurate.

MicroSD Card Performance

There is an interesting benchmark of different MicroSD cards done by Sakoman. They compare different classes of cards from different vendors.

Pointers in C

Found a nice tutorial on using pointers in C over at netcom.com.

OWI Robot Arm Hacks

There are many hacks for controlling the OWI robot arm. Two of the more recent are: Article on how to control the arm through an Arduino. The interesting part here is, that zlite added a poti to each joint for measuring the position. This article uses a Lauchpad to control the arm.