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Measuring the Water-Level of a Cistern

To measure the water level of our cistern, I started to build a little cistern monitor based on a hacked TP-Link MR3020 router running OpenWrt and a SRF05 ultra sonic range finder. The software project mainly consists of a kernel module and a web service to access the data through a simple web-ui or by […]

Carambot First Autonomous Drive

This shows the carambot driving around autonomously by using the ultrasonic range finder together with the pan servo. The algorithm used is pretty simple (see Python snipped after break).

Carambot Update

This is work in progress, so see it fail :-). What you see in the video is an update about the robot I am currently working on. It uses a Carambola MIPS SoC which communicates to a MSP430G2553 on a TI Launchpad through serial line. The Launchpad runs a „special“ firmware I am currently working […]

Ultra Sonic Range Finder on Pan-Tilt

Range finder on server pan tilt looking funny :-). The servos are driven by a Launchpad with MSP430G2553, as well is the ultra sonic range finder. The range finder is a SFR05. I am planning to implant that PTRF (pan-tilt-range-finder) into carambot to make it drive autonomous.