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A Tin Can Robot – Roundup

I put together a project roundup for the tin can R2D2: TinCan R2D2 roundup

A Tin Can Robot – Basic Schematic

Documentation day today :-). I got also around drawing a basic schematic (using Fritzing) for the tin can robots electronics. Some notes on the schematic: I don’t use the Propeller „directly“ but use the Propeller QuickStart board. The schematic below is soldered on perf-board and then attached as a shield to the QuickStart. Fritzing offered […]

A Tin Can Robot – Android App to Control

Finally I got around hacking a basic Android App to control my tin can robots. To quickly get a result, I used Processings Android mode and the Ketai library for the Bluetooth stuff. Regarding the effort needed for the results, they turned out pretty well. The App has the following features so far: Device Discovery […]

A Tin Can Robot – Short Video

Ok, the hardware for both robots (black R2D2 and pink R2KT) is done. Also a first version of the software is loaded on the Parallax Propeller inside the two bots. In the video below you could see them driving (remote controlled from smartphone/tablet).

A Tin Can Robot – R2KT on it’s Way

A Tin Can Robot – Driving

The tin can based R2D2 robot driving around, remote controlled through tablet using Bluetooth: The sound in the video is pretty poor. But what you here so far is a typical R2D2 beep-beep on start-up (or when you request it by remote command), an other beep when a new command was received, some sad „ohhhh“ […]

A Tin Can Robot – Final Assembly

All parts are printed! Now everything is ready for a first assembly. But first the electronic components need some wiring: The full BOM for the electronics looks like so: 1 x Parallax Propeller QuickStart Board 2 x gear motor 2 x wheels for gear motor 1 x Pololu 3.3V Step-Up/Down regulator to supply the Propeller […]

A Tin Can Robot – The Inlay

Finally the inlay which will hold the batteries and the Parallax Propeller.                  

A Tin Can Robot – The Dome

And here comes the dome with its top cover. Unfortunately the hole for the Maxbotix ultrasonic sensor is too small (for some reason I used a wrong number for the radius).

A Tin Can Robot – Legs

Also the first leg is already printed (the second one is printing right now). And phew, the motors fit perfectly :-).