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CadSoft Eagle Tutorial Videos

Jeremy Blum is about to post a series of CadSoft Eagle Tutorial Videos. I think they are very well done and easy to follow. Thus, if you are about to learn Eagle, they might come in handy.


Found a very nice HOWTO on developing for the STM32 on Ubuntu. The site covers everything from openocd, gcc, gdb up to example sources.

Why and How to Use Decoupling Capacitors

Over at vagrearg.org, an article about decoupling capacitors could be found. The article explains why one may need decoupling capacitors, and how decoupling is done. Form the article itself: .. but the lesson was learned: always put capacitors on the power supply of logic chips

PDF on how to Solder

Found a well done PDF on how to solder over at „gadget gangster“. If you are about learning how to solder, make sure not to miss Daves video tutorials on the subject.

Flashing STM32 Discovery with Linux

On hackaday there is a post linking to a PDF from the makers of the st-link tool, describing how to flash the STM32 with Linux. Similar thing here 🙂

Using an Incremental Rotary Encoder

An rotary encoder is sitting on the shaft of a motor converting the motion of the shaft into digital information. This information then could be used to tell speed and direction of the motor. A very understandable introduction to this kind of encoders, and an example of how to use the encoders that come with […]

MOSFET Beginners Guide and Resistor Measurement with 1 Digital IO

On ReiBot I found two interesting tutorials. The first is a beginners guide to MOSFTEs, explaining how to use a MOSFET to switch high currents with a microcontroller. The second one shows how to measure the value of an resistor just by using a digital IO of your microcontroller.

Some more Video Tutorials

On „JumperOne“ I found some more video tutorials covering various things regarding electronics. E. g. there you can find a tutorial on how to build a bench power supply out of an ATX power supply.

Electronics Tutorial Videos

On afrotechmods, I found a comprehensive list of video tutorials covering basic electronics. Some of the subjects covered are: PWM tutorial Voltage regulator tutorial Circuit simulation in LTSpice tutorial  

Pulse-width Modulation

On Non-Lexical Vocables there is a easy to follow tutorial on PWM. Or see the PWM video tutorial on afromods page.